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ADRA Cares - Guide on Drawing NATA 2020 Exam Preparations.

Today we provide the basic elements in Drawing - Architecture Entrance Exam - NATA. Please Kindly go through and practice.

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Today's teaching is on Drawing. Firstly you will need to know that there are few pencils only by which you will need to draw i.e, starting with (4H, 2H, H, HB, B. 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B and so on...) We divided drawing into 3 parts here at ADRA for student understanding i.e,
  • Firstly you should start making rough thought on paper by 4H/2H initially. Later once you start seeing the whole idea of your thought in this rough sketch. Then proceed to the next step.
  • Take up HB pencil and darken the image of your thought on the rough sketch drawn by you on A4 paper. Avoid making double lines, thick lines etc.
  • And then, at last, you'll need to take any B graded pencil and shade the art piece. 
  • Again after everything is completed, search for any mistakes and don't forget to darken the outlines.
This is the correct way to not spoil the sheet and complete the drawing in the given allotted time. We suggest using 4H before drawing for initial layout, HB for final drawing and 4B, 6B, 8B for the shading after the HB Final drawing is done. Given Time period for Drawing is 2Hrs 15min. Where in, 3 questions will be provided. And as follows:-
  • 3 Dimensional question - With the play of Light and Shadow with shading. - 35M
  • 2 Dimensional question - Here the only two dimensions a student will draw is in X-axis & Y-axis. Which will be in colour mode and different types of colour schemes are also be required with basic design principles understanding. - 35M
  • Final Important question is based on Perspective i.e, Situational Drawing. Here, a beautiful scenario narration is provided to you wherein they test the creative thinking ability of you. Every person has a unique creative view in their minds. The exact scene which you get in your mind after reading the question is what you'll need to present on the A4 paper at the offline exam. Here you should use these following principle elements in your artwork - shading Light and Shadow. 1PP, 2PP, 3PP, 4PP, 5PP, Birds Eye View, Human Eye View, Ant's Eye View etc. - 55M
So now, we assume you got a basic understanding of this exam. There are many minute and basic key elements to learning beforehand to appear these questions. Those topics can't be posted here. One will need to undergo the entire course process and should learn one after the other to discover your creative mind actively participating in the world of Architecture. Welcome Adrads!